Monday, March 14, 2016

Kitesurfing downwinder Ricketts to Brighton makes for a happy birthday!

Session 369. Kitesurfing downwinder makes for a happy birthday for me!  Organised a car shuffle with Stu Styles & Stu Webb between Brighton and Ricketts.  My car is the "return vehicle" as I have neoprene seat covers that cope with wetsuits.

The wind at Ricketts was good and the four amigos were soon on their way.  Much better wind than our last downwinder here.  Surfed some nice swells down to the Cerberus and kited past it a few times.  I still think this historic vessel should be taken out of the water and restored.

The small surf was really nice between Red Bluff and Sandringham Yacht Club.

I did a big jump coming out from behind the breakwater, and few others during the day.

I surfed Green Point and the reefs down to Brighton Beach then I did few runs out and back.  

Surfing past "usual spots" on a downwinder provides a different perspective. 

How lucky we are to have this wonderful bay and good wind right in the heart of Melbourne.

It was a very happy birthday for me!

Stuart's GPS Log (I forgot to turn mine on)

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