Sunday, March 06, 2016

More great kitesurfing at Beachport SA in strong southerly

Session 368. We headed for Beachport after breakfast in Robe (delicious pippies!). The wind was around 15 knots when we arrived but soon picked up.  I assembled my foil board and took it out into the waves for another humbling experience.  Once again I found it difficult to get out through the waves and body drag, even with the foil upwind.  The waves were turning the board in all directions.

I thought I would struggle with the weed and swell even if I did eventually get out so I came in and swapped the board for my trusty Nugget.   Then I spent some frustrating minutes resetting my lines before I was out and fanging around nearly overpowered.

The waves were good and the wind was strong - up to 25 knots.  Everyone was blasting around catching waves and boosting big.  What a place, its the gift that keeps on giving!

Stu lost a fin from his Secret Weapon and had a brief look for the needle in a haystack on the beach. I drove up the steep dune access track onto the beach and down to pick him up.  The Kitewagon handles the steep and very well.

We stopped mid afternoon with energy levels well depleted then headed into Beachport where we ate some lovely bratwurst with sauerkraut, had a coffee then started the long drive home of around 6 hours.

Kudos to Stu for scoping out such a good wind forecast at a great location.  We were all "kited out" on this trip!

Flailing with the foil board!

Its a long pier - over 700m!


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