Monday, March 28, 2016

Late afternoon kitesurfing at St Kilda, Winter is coming

Session 371. Last day of Easter holiday and some late wind.  The crew selected St Kilda as the best wind location.  There was almost nobody there, which is quite a change from the peak of summer.

The wind wasn't very strong, around 15 knots.  I was tracking well on the Nugget.  Tarren, Stuart and Job all took off downwind towards Port Melbourne.  I didn't fancy a long walk back so I stayed near the breakwater.

On one occasion I came in close the end of the breakwater, looking out for fishermen in case anyone had their line in the water.  I figured none would be there due to the Fairy Penguin colony that is there.   Suddenly I spotted to fishermen!  I thought I was still far enough out to avoid their lines but no, I snagged one.  I stopped immediately to sort it out.  He was winding it in.  Eventually the sinker and hook came up over my bar and flipped away. Whew.

Lesson learned - keep well away from breakwaters.

I came into the beach and packed up, ready to drive down to pick up the others.  The wind lifted though so they were able to make it back.

Alls well that ends well.

It was cool in the water. Winter is coming.



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