Sunday, March 27, 2016

St Kilda to Elwood Kitesurfing tour on Sector 60

Session 370.  It had been a few days since my last session and that desperate urge to kitesurf was again building.  The wind was light all day and into the afternoon but it strengthened around 4pm so I headed to St Kilda. On arrival, it was not too busy and the wind was good.

After launching a beginner (whose kite was under inflated - a common mistake) I got going on the Union 10 and the Sector 60 board. I haven't used the Sector 60 for a while so I was keen to get on it again.

A great session!  My first run was out to the shipping channel. I could see down to the Spirit of Tasmania and could see fumes coming out of its stacks as it prepared to leave the dock.

I then headed for Elwood and saw a kite in the distance.  It was on Ozone Edge 10 and the kiter was on a foil board.  He turned near me then headed on a similar tack.  Nice to watch that foil slicing through the water - its like flying - and I estimated he was going 30%+ faster than I was on my upwind machine.

Coming back I rode some good swells. The Sector 60 turns well, better than I remembered.  All that surfing on the Nugget has improved my turns perhaps.

Back in St Kilda the wind was softer behind the breakwater.  I did some more good runs further out and a few jumps - possibly my biggest ever on the Sector 60.



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