Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kitesurfing off Hampton, mixing it with the big boys and not much wind!

Session 369. There were some storms and fickle wind during the morning but it looked like the wind was OK after lunch. I got Hampton and kites were out and a race of big yachts was in progress further out.  I got on the water in haste and headed out in good wind.

I thought I might be cheeky and get some good photos of the yacht race.  As I got closer to them the wind softenend.  Hmmn.  I was cautious getting through the line of yachts then waited for a good gap to head back in.  The wind was getting even softer so now it was a case of get in back to shore as soon as possible.

I was lucky the wind held up enough so I could make it back without a (long) swim.  I landed at the Middle Brighton beach.  Job had followed me down in his car to check all was good (thanks!) and was on his way.  Its good to have friends around when you are kiting.

Back at Hampton I chatted with Paul who was about to head out on his foil board and 13m kite.  The wind was around 10 knots but he was able to get going well.  I left my foil at home though, so I headed off for a coffee and muffin.

Going through a yacht race is dicey - the waves are all chopped up and yacht sails create wind turbulence.   If you have lots of wind its is easier though.  It is of course important to keep well away from all yachts. Around 100m is a safe distance, 50m is a minimum.

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