Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Middagstinden - Kvaløya ski day 3 (Topptur)

Middagstinden 1050m 10 May 2016, we reached the summit and scored some powder!

Kvaløya ski day 3, Norway ski day 12

A cunning plan was devised by our guides George and Alison to get some sunshine and make the most of the daylight.  It doesn't get dark here as the midnight sun approaches.

We spent the morning at Tromso museum which has good exhibits about the Sami people, the Northern Lights (fascinating) and even an elusive Wolverine (stuffed). It is well worth a visit.

We had a delicious early dinner at 3 pm them jumped in the van for the short drive to the departure point for Middagstinden

We set at 5pm and put our skis on after a short walk up the heath.  It was raining lightly so the forecast clear weather was looking dodgy.

A Ptarmigan was unperturbed as the group skied past.  It was fun skiing across a large frozen lake on the approach then up a short climb to a second smaller lake.  We crossed that then started the climb proper.

The weather improved as we climbed.  The mist and cloud departed revealing good views to surrounding peaks and the valley below.  The climbing got steeper and the snow got colder and fresher - George had found another powder stash.

A few tricky kick turns got us to the summit ridge for a dramatic view down to the Ersfjorden. We climbed the ridge to the summit with ice axes and crampons on were elated on reaching it.  More views opened up and the smiles were large!

We summited at 8:30 pm and the daylight was excellent!

The first part of the descent was technical - steep slide slipping on firm snow dodging rocks, then the slope opened up for some fine powder skiing down a long slope with a good angle.

A schuss out on the lakes then some skating got us to the final descent, with the daylight still very good.

We had supper at the lodge at 10:00pm then got a good night's sleep after our "big evening out".

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