Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kitesurfing Rosebud, first session with my Union 8

Session 376.  We went to Rosebud to get the good northerly wind, along with just about every other kiter in Melbourne!  I took out my 8m Airush Union for the first time and was very happy with it.  It is very similar to the 10 but a bit more nimble.

Look at all those kites!

The wind dropped a bit so I came in and swapped it for my 10. It was nice to have some more power and the waves were building in size.  I did a run up to toward the pier as it was very crowded further south - there must have been 300 kiters on the water!

It was enjoying being on the water again.  Then I tried a backroll that went wrong. My kite crashed hard leading edge down and burst the front bladder.  Should I have let go of the bar when the trick went wrong?  Possibly.

Luckily I had locked of the centre strut where the camera mount was so the kite stayed afloat.  I attached my leash to my board footstrap, wound in the lines and swam in.

The wind picked up again so I finished the session on my 8m kite.  The depower has a good range so I think this kite will work well in wind up to 35 knots, maybe more.


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