Sunday, May 08, 2016

Skitntinden - Kvaløya ski day 1

Skitntinden 1042m 8 May 2016

First ski day Kvaløya with Off Piste Performance

We drove around to the access route and started on the route past Kattfjordvatnet frozen lake then climbed up through some light tree cover on firm snow passing the higher Trollskardatnet frozen lake.

We gained the main ridge to the summit and started up it using ski crampons. The wind increased and was gusting up to around 40 knots - approaching "full" conditions. George and Alison, our guides, decided to descend as the visibility on the summit was not good.

The descent was good on firm snow.  Further down on a down ramp I flew off a kicker in flat light and ended up doing a somersault landing in soft snow.

We skied across Trollskardatnet then finished down a nice snow slope between trees dodging a few rocks then traversed for a while to get a line back to the car. We encountered some rain for the last few minutes so it was great to get back to the van then to the lodge for lunch and a restful afternoon.

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