Thursday, November 01, 2018

Kitesurfing Noosa at the river mouth

Session 455. We tried to do a kitefoil lesson at Castaways Beach with George from Adventure Sports Noosa but there wasn't enough wind for learning. George was able to foil in the surf however.  I did a short run out and back but couldn't stay upwind in less than 10 knots.

George advised that the Noosa River mouth could be kited on an outgoing tide so Adam and I headed there and setup.  The outgoing tide adds a couple of extra knots to the apparent wind speed.

It was good to finally get on the water "at Noosa".  I did some runs across and back, then on a longer run my harness belt unclipped.  I was able to keep kiting and head back to land on the beach and reset my harness belt then get back across.  The beach on North Noosa is only accessible by a car ferry so I was mindful of not getting stranded there.

Heading back I noticed Adam had gone up into the inlet and dropped his kite on a sandbar. His 12m kite and boots were not a good combination in the light wind.

I packed up and was going to render assistance when Adam showed up after self rescuing and floating back down the river.

There were lots of people enjoying the sunset at Noosa.

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