Monday, August 19, 2019

Cocos Islands kitesurfing near ferry with lots of turtles

Session 486. Adam organised an afternoon lesson on jumping with April from ApeX Kiteboarding.  We went to a beach south of the West Island Ferry Terminal where the water is deeper and you can kite at low tide. I kited out past the ferry terminal into deeper water then did some tacks to the south.  Keep a good distance away from boats.

I went past the entrance to the big lagoon just north of the airstrip  but the water was too shallow to go in there, and a permit from the airport is required to kite there.

There were heaps of turtles feeding, so many I slowed down to avoid hitting them. Some were unperturbed by my presence, others took of in alarm. I did clonk into one while turning at low speed. You wouldn't want to hit one going fast.

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