Sunday, August 18, 2019

Kitesurfing Cocos Islands - West Island to Home Island downwinder

Session 482. I was keen to do a big downwinder, today was the day. My target was Home Island.  I headed out with my Personal Locator Beacon and set a tack towards Home Island.  I reached the blue holes then some extended deep water and tacked back to shallower water and more blue holes.  It was a great trip, scenic and relaxing cruising.

I did another tack to get up close to Home Island then came in close to the cove on the southern side of the Island.  The sheds of the Cocos Islands Jukong & Sailing Club were visible and some beach area suitable for landing.  I was in a bit of a wind shadow though so I got of the board for a quick rest in waist deep water on the sandy bottom, then headed back.

I passed some locals fishing in dinghies along the way, waiving at them as I cruised past.  I stayed mostly in shallow water, crossing the occasional blue hole. It was a blast cranking up some speed and doing some slalom turns in the deeper water.  I made good time on the return trip, and was stoked to complete it.

The downwinder onto Direction Island is a bit more tricky. I was advised that you have to stay well to the west of Home Island to avoid its big wind shadow, which puts you in deep water.  Boat support for that trip is recommended.

The trip to Home Island I did was mostly in shallow water. You could do it one way and catch the ferry back to West Island.

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