Friday, August 16, 2019

Kitesurfing Cocos Islands - hit the reef, ouch!

Session 480. For that afternoon session I tacked out to the reef to check out the surf again.  However, the tide was out further so the reef was shallow.  The water is so clear its very hard to judge how deep it is. 

I hit the reef out past West Cay Island. I came of the board and impacted some coral on my thigh tearing my wetsuit, ouch! The suit provided some protection as did my reef booties.  It was tricky walking back to some deeper water with the 12m kite in the air.  I was able to get going and find a route back to kitebeach.

Local advice is that if you can see the rock rib on the south side of West Cay out of the water then its too shallow.  Don't kite at kitebeach when the tide is low.

The cuts were not deep, I treated them with betadine back out the apartment.

I found out later that one of the fin boxes was cracked by the impact. Oke Surfboards repaired it when I was back in Melbourne.

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