Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kitesurfing Cocos Islands reef downwinder tour

Session 487. Last tour out to the reef. This time I continued downwind to Levi's spot, which is a downwinder that I saw some people doing.

Kiting out to the surf is scary, the waves get very big as you approach them and they dump hard onto coral.  You would be very brave to attempt to get out the back, and the ride back in would be scary too.

There are also coral bommies about so you really have to watch where you are going. I kited downwind dipping into the waves until I was peeking around the corner looking north to wild water and offshore wind.

The tacks back were fun, gaining ground upwind on the Nugget is easy; it would take much longer on a twin tip.

This was a cracking tour.


Note the road, some people finish here and  get picked up.

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