Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Kitesurfing Cocos Islands - kitebeach, blue holes and the reef

Session 477. First day kitesurfing on the Cocos Islands. We headed to kitebeach at the southern end of the West Island after a relaxing breakfast at our accommodation at Cocos Seaview.

What a location!  Palm trees lead to a white sandy beach facing into the huge lagoon.   Islands are visible in the distance.  Nice 20 knot wind blowing along the beach.  Crystal clear water.  This is a kitesurfing paradise!

The lagoon is shallow for a quite a distance from the shore.  There are small coral lumps in sections then clear white sand.  I did a run further out to the spectacular blue holes - blue water in deep holes fringed by sharp reef.

I then tacked upwind across close to East Cay island, got a bit too close to the wind shadow and dropped my kite.  I continued out towards the surf break after relaunching it.

Approaching the surf is dramatic.  Kitesurfing over fairly shallow reef, its difficult to judge the depth in the clear water.  There are a few bollard visible in the waves, which get bigger and more savage as you approach.  The big waves crash right onto the coral, I had no desire to head further out into them.

The tide was lower on the way back, caution was necessary when kiting over shallower sections with coral bommies.  Its good to have reef booties in the event you come off and need to relaunch.

Back in safety and stoked!

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