Saturday, March 02, 2013

Kitesurfing Mentone in a good easterly

Session 223.  My left elbow has been sore for a couple of weeks now so it has been good to have some rest.  Kitesurfing with the surfboard means my left arm is loaded when I ride toeside (right tack) so it seems that I have some "overuse symptoms", possibly even some tennis elbow (I hope not).

But a weekend without some kitesurfing now feels like purgatory!

A strong easterly blew all day. I went to the aquarium with the family in the afternoon, then returned home just before 5.  The wind was still blowing so I headed for Mentone. Stuart S and Grant were down there setting up their windsurfers.

There was good wind so I took out my Lithium 9 for the first time.  I had plenty of power in the 25 knot wind (gusting up to 30) and the kite fully depowered!  I was able to stay upwind without much effort and do some nice slalom turns in the surf nearer to the shore.

I did a few jumps too but was wary of heading for the heavens, and stressing my arm further.  I did my first pre-turn gybe to the right too.

The Lithium 9 was very predicable, had heaps of power and turned very well.  Although smaller in size than my Switchblade 10 it seems to generate more power.

I also have a common bar between my Lithium 9 and 12, so I can use one bar for both and keep the other spare.

Mentone was great today. Only a few other kiters and windsurfers out, good wind, some waves and nice clean water.   My elbow feels fine too, it is certainly no worse.  I might try the bridle attachments to "light bar pressure" on the Lithium kites.


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