Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great twilight kitesurfing session at Hampton after the heat

Session 224.  After 10 days of baking hot weather and no wind in Melbourne - the longest hot spell ever - finally a cool change!  I headed down to Hampton after work and was stoked to find 20+ knots of clean wind and cool temperatures there.  I rigged up hastily with the sun setting and headed out for a short but sweet session.

I was well powered with the Lithium 12 and surfboard, but I took it easy to avoid stressing my sore left elbow further. It tweaked a bit but was basically OK for this short session.  I rode toeside goofy to give my left arm a good rest, and it felt fine.   I did a couple of faster runs too.  

I ended up being the only kite on the water and came in just after the sun set.  Very happy to be on the water again carving some nice turns and just having a ball.

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