Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kitesurfing Gnotuk Ave Aspendale with Lithium Zero

Session 265.  Tarren and I made it to Gnotuk Ave Aspendale where Cesar and a group of fellow kiters training for the 2014 Across the Bay to Conquer Cancer were assembled for a training downwinder.  There was very little wind and nobody on the water.  I decided to give the Lithium Zero another go.

Once again there was not enough wind to go upwind (less than 5 knots?), and this time the wingtips of the kite were folding in.  The bridle attachment on the leading edge seemed to crease the leading edge in. Pulling the rear lines (bar ends) popped it back out but it kept happening.   I think the air pressure in the bladder was too low - this may have caused the problem.

I swapped over to the Sector 60 board and was immediately screaming along with the kite depowered, but still unable to wrestle it around to point upwind.  The northern out and back track log shows this run out and back.

The Lithium Zero shows some promise but the wind range of the kite is quite narrow and its not easy to go upwind.  I don't think its a suitable kite for beginners.


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