Monday, November 04, 2013

Kitesurfing downwinder from Inverloch surf beach to the inlet

Session 261.  There was some wind in the morning so we headed out for another bonus session.  It was about 15 knots so I took my Lithium 12.  There was not quite enough to stay upwind with the strong swell pushing the board in, effectively reducing the wind speed further.

I headed across the inlet and was rewarded with more wind so that I was able to traverse the extensive bar system a few times and stay upwind.  It is definitely not the place to drop your kite though as you can be a long way from shore.  The swell closer in is not too big.  I didn't make it out the back, again.

Stuart had headed into the inlet so I followed him onto the flat water and back down to the Angling Club cranking some nice slalom turns and going for maximum speed.  There were are some other kiters and windsurfers about there.

This was a nice cruisy session compared to yesterday's ballistic winds.

GPS log

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