Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kitesurfing Sandy Point Shallow Inlet

Session 263. Despite the poor wind forecast, Tarren and I got some great wind and sun for a great kitesurfing session in Shallow Inlet. Further up the inlet I was on full power with the Lithium 12 but closer to the mouth I depowered the kite.

The water wasn't really flat but I got some nice fast runs down wind.  It was an easterly so the wind was onshore.  Going up into the inlet the water gets shallow so some caution is required - turning in very shallow water on the surfboard doesn't work!

I have finally got to kite at Shallow Inlet after several previous attempts were unsuccessful.  Its a great spot, nice and quiet and Wilsons Promontory and the offshore islands in the distance provide a wonderful backdrop.

The boat fishermen we passed driving off the sand had some very big catches.

We had a look at the Sandy Point surf beach on our way out but there was less wind there.

Back at Inverloch there was around 16 knots easterly wind and one guy kitesurfing, but it was low tide so the runs were very short.

Not enough wind at the surf beach and it was offshore.

Brown water everywhere due to the floods and many roads closed

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