Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kitesurfing Inverloch Andersons Inlet on Lithium Zero

Session 264.  After a relaxed breakfast in Inverloch at the Beach Hut cafe, Tarren and I decided to try to the Lithium Zero out in the 5-8 knots of wind in the inlet. It is certainly strange setting up to kitesurf with people pottering about on SUPs and out fishing in canoes.

There was enough wind to fly the kite but not really enough to stay upwind.  Looking at the water you can see flat glassy sections where there was virtually no wind.  The kite flies well but turns quite slowly. Tarren did a couple of runs out and back then I had a go.

It was nice to be on the water, but not really what you would call a "cracking session".

I tried a relaunch in the light wind and eventually succeeded.  Without struts, the leading edge of the kite can trap water which is then difficult to dislodge.  I was standing too, relaunching would be much harder if you were floating in the water.  In light winds it is best not drop the kite.

Tarren was impressed by having a kite in such light wind conditions.  We headed back to Melbourne to check out bayside conditions where some stronger wind was forecast.

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