Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kitesurfing downwinder from Aspendale to Sandringham

Session 267. This was a downwinder training session for the 2104 Across the Bay. However, the forecast wind did not arrive.  There was only about 15 knots at Aspendale, which made it difficult to go upwind and get around Ricketts Point.

After a few runs on the surfboard I headed back in and swapped it for my Sector 60.  No problems going upwind on it!  After about 4 tacks I made it around Ricketts Point, intending to continue on to at least Brighton.

I was on my own however so I decided to stay close to shore.

I was travelling quite well up to Half Moon Bay, but just as I was passing the Cerberus wreck the wind started to putter a bit.  Half way to  Sandringham it dropped out completely.  I floated in to shore behind my kite and waited a while on the beach.

No more wind came so I packed up and Stu graciously gave me a lift back to my car at Aspendale.

Its not possible to do a downwinder without wind!  If the wind seems dodgy, don't go too far out.

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