Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kitesurfing Hampton to Green point strapless in a good sea breeze

Session 268. Scored a nice kitesufing session at Hampton in a solid sea breeze on my Firewire board strapless.  Its certainly a good feeling having the freedom to place your feet wherever you like on the board without straps. Its nice to fly the fast turning 9m Lithium kite too.

 After a couple of runs out and back I headed down between the rock groynes for some wave action, then continued on down to Green Point.  There are some nice reef breaks on the way there, and the break of Green Point was working too.

Gybing the board without straps feels a bit odd for some reason but its not difficult. The Firewire board turns well and feels very secure in the swell. I like it.

Going upwind to get back was no problem either, I made it in one tack to complete a nice short tour.

I am still getting my head around how to do a duck tack!

The log also shows a short session at Gnotuk that I forgot to clear.

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