Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kitesurfing Ricketts Point dodging the reefs

Session 266.  We called in at Ricketts Point to find a nice southerly blowing.  Grant and Stu were there on their windsurfers.  I headed out on my Lithium 12 and the S-quad, threading the gap between the reefs.  I chased both Grant and Stu and was able to pace them on their windsurfers.

One big jump went wrong and my kite fell from the air but was easy enough to relaunch.

There is not much room on the beach to launch and land here though.  There are also lots of dog walkers and few dog turds on the beach so beware.

Its a nice place to kitesurf for a change.  I saw Lucas rig up and head off on a downwinder for Across the Bay training.


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