Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kitesurfing Mentone on Christmas Day, working off the turkey

Session 309.  We had a pleasant Christmas dinner (lunch), as usual I ate too much.  Some late wind enticed me down to Mentone for what turned out to be a great session.  The wind was strong and whipping up some nice waves. I took out the S-Quad with footstraps to handle the bigger surf and do some jumps.

I was well powered on the Lithium 9 set to the lower knots (rear lines). Two other kiters were out on surfboards so it wasn't crowded.

I tried one upwind tack and managed to get the board around upwind, but no duck tacks or backrolls today - the waves were too much fun.  I definitely worked off some of the turkey and pudding!

The evening sun provided some excellent light with some clouds in the distance that brought rain over Melbourne later in the evening.

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