Monday, December 29, 2014

Storms over Melbourne in late December - a rest day

December weather in Melbourne can be fickle.  We had a nice sunny day at Sandringham Beach yesterday (Sunday 28/10) with less than 10 knots of wind.  Today, storms came from the West, lashing Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay with wind gusting up to 45 knots.

I was happy to have a rest day as my left elbow/arm is sore from all the recent kiting.  Its tennis elbow again (overuse). Cesar recommended a couple of hand stretches - wrist up and wrist down - to assist recovery, along with icing and some anti inflammatories.  This has reduced the symptoms.

With variable wind like today its best to avoid kitesurfing.  We stopped at Williamstown beach and watched first the gusting wind then a thunderstorm come through.

Storm at Williamstown Beach
We stopped at The Zu Boardsports on the way home and had a nice coffee at the West Beach Bathers Pavilion.  There were about a dozen kiters out in the 20-25 knots, the wind having abated somewhat.

The wind chart at Fawkner Beacon showed the story - huge variability in the wind.  So be extremely careful if you are considering kitesurfing in a Westerly or North Westerly.  Its best to wait for more stable conditions.

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