Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5 light wind kite

New kite!  I now have an Ocean Rodeo Flite 14.5m kite with the ATB bar.  Its an ex-demo kite and the 2013 model.  I am hoping the kite will cover light wind conditions below what my Lithium 12 can handle (about 12 knots), and that it will go upwind better than the Lithium Zero.

I opted for the 14.5m version rather than the 17 as I think the North Nugget or Sector 60 will compensate for the reduced size and it will be easy to turn and go upwind.

A good selection of patches, some spare line attachments and a simple manual are included.

The kitebag is nicely made and has tuck away shoulder straps.  The bar has its own mesh bag.

The kitebag includes a couple of internal pockets for the spares and patches. Nice.

A kite strap is included - handy for packing the kite away.

The leading edge is big but not huge.

A choice of two attachments - turn slow, low bar pressure or turn fast more bar pressure

The usual safety warnings

Pumped up

Note the three struts.

Construction is neat and sold - its made in China.

The kite is easy to inflate (single pump) and the lines are easy to rig.

The bar has a cleat for depower, above the bar.  It will be interesting to see how that goes.

Three struts means reduced weight and better flying.

I took the kite down to Mentone hoping for around 12 knots, but there was only about 5 knots blowing.  I hot launched the kite to get it in the air.  Once up it flew nicely and turned well.  There was not enough wind to get going though.

Stay tuned for the first ride report.

Here is an Ocean Rodeo video about the kite

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