Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Late stiff breeze at Hampton - kitesurfing is a great way to sign off another year's work

Session 307. A kitesurfing session is the perfect way to end a busy short week at work in the lead up to Christmas.  A solid southerly arrived during the afternoon but it looked frontal.  It had mellowed by the time I got to Hampton at around 7p.m.  Only 3 kites on the water!  Where was everyone?

I did for backrolls with the surfboard and made it around it each time.  Twice I was yanked downwind as the kite redirected though.  The backroll is not hard but commitment is needed to do it.

I tried one duck tack too - managed to spin around but was also yanked off the board.

There was a nice bay swell with some big rollers.  The water was warm and the breeze strong but curiously warm for a southerly.

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