Friday, January 23, 2015

A demo kitesurfing run at Cape Paterson

Session 317. A very short one. There was some interest in kitesurfing among my relatives and friends while we were camping at Cape Paterson so I showed them my 7m Crossbow kite and the rest of the kitesurfing gear at the campsite.

Late the following day there was some wind on the main surf beach so I took the gear down and did a short demo run out on the 7 and back into the beach then some body dragging in the surf.

There wasn't enough wind to stay upwind but if  I was on my 9m Lithium I think I would have been going fairly well.  Its not a great place to get into difficulties though as the beach is fairly small and elsewhere there is mostly reefs and rocks.

Everyone got to hold the bar and briefly try flying the kite.

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