Monday, January 05, 2015

Backrolls! Another afternoon seabreeze, another great kitesurfing session at Hampton

Session 313.  Another afternoon seabreeze, another great kitesurfing session. I got down to Hampton after 5 and headed out on my Lithium 9 and S-quad, planning to do some more backrolls.  I did some runs between the groynes to the beach then headed out and down to Green Point and caught some nice waves on the reef.

Heading back out to tack back I found myself reluctant to do a backroll. Eventually I popped off the top of a wave and rotated nicely, landed on my board and kept going! It felt really good.  Keeping some tension in the kite lines allows the rotation to complete, and hands together on the bar prevents redirection of the kite.

I did some long tacks to get back and more back rolls when heading back out.  Its nice to do a short tour, particularly when there is some swell and waves about.

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