Saturday, January 17, 2015

Speedy kitesurfing runs at Inverloch, 48 km/h

Session 315. Lots of wind - over 30 knots - when I arrived at Inverloch so I headed for the inlet and rigged up my 7m Crossbow.  Well powered up on the water and only one other kiter (Boris) out.  I did quite a few runs out from the Angling Club and back, then eventually ventured over the very shallow sandbar into the main channel over the others side.

A few upwind tacks brought be right up close to a sandbar with flat sheltered water just behind it so I tucked in, powered up and clocked my fastest speed to date of 48 km/h kiting close to the sandbar. Very exhilarating!

I finished with some tacks back to toward the jetty then some slalom turns back to the angling club. Its great to have a smaller kite for sessions like these.



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