Saturday, January 31, 2015

Great bay kitesurfing at Mentone

Session 319.  Great session, good solid wind, nice bay waves.  Well powered with my Lithium 9 on the S-quad.  Good surf, some nice waves out the back.  Caught the rail several times going out and had some nice stacks.

There were some really nice waves on the left tack.

I tried some backloops and didn't quite make it around.  Then I did a big one, back looped the kite and landed!  Sweet!

I was testing out the canoeing vest with a cord to hold the front down under the harness hook.  This did not work, when the harness rode up the vest did too.  This is not suitable for Across the Bay - I think I will use my impact vest and wear a small backpack with a drink bladder and the radio tucked onto to the shoulder strap.

Stu Styles was flying on his Nugget and did some really good toeside turns - I think he is enjoying the prospect of these kite surf sessions right on his doorstep.


Stu Styles stylin! - red & white kite 

Stu Styles stylin! - red & white kite 

Birds eye view

Racing the poley.

Ejected and pulling the ripcord!

Watch that reef . . .


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