Saturday, January 10, 2015

Across the Bay catch up in lieu of Fawkner Beacon tour

We had a tour scheduled to Fawkner Beacon and back (3 times) that was going to be supported by the Sandringham Yacht Club volunteers.  

However, there was no wind.  The forecast was for around 10 knots and then only at 2pm.  There was less wind than that, so we met for a coffee and chat about skills and equipment for the upcoming Across The Bay to Conquer Cancer kitesurfing downwinder at the Sandy Beach Kiosk.

Chatting about gear and skills over coffee
We chatted over coffee about skills for going downwind, including downloops, slalom turns and the need to vary your stance to reduce fatigue and (hopefully) avoid cramping.

We also discussed equipment and food to take on the downwinder including:

  • PFDs (Type 1 inflatable and Type 2 with some storage pockets and drink bladder holder)
  • EPIRBs (PLBs) and Spot tracking devices
  • A whistle
  • Water - in a drink bladder
  • Power gels in a small squeeze bottle for energy boosts - available from cycling shops
For more information on gear see  Downwinders, Kitesurfing Handbook

No wind!
We will reschedule this training event when we get a favourable wind forecast.  Its a great tour that takes you right out into the Bay.

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