Sunday, February 01, 2015

Kitesurfing downwinder Aspendale to Port Melbourne, Across the Bay training

Session 320. Our final training session for Across the Bay. We jumped in at the deep end - a long downwinder from Gnotuk Ave Aspendale around Ricketts Point then on to Port Melbourne.

We made it!
We got on the water after a quick briefing at 1pm.  I headed straight out and set a track upwind of Ricketts, keeping my speed low.  The wind was a bit light at Aspendale so I took my 12m Lithium and was well powered.

Looking back, lots of kites were following in the distance.  Around Ricketts I took a line fairly close to shore.  Others went a lot further out.

I did some short toeside riding back towards shore to rest my legs and tracked down past HMS Cerberus wreck - always an impressive sight.

Past Sandringham I spoke to the SYC tower to say hello and kept going. The bay rollers were big. I had a big stack on one and "rag dolled". My radio yanked of from my backpack but luckily I had it on a leash.  I reset my gear and kept going.

I tried using my impact vest and a small hydration backpack and found this combination much better than the canoeing PFD as it doesn't ride up.

I scooted past close to Green Point and Brighton then set a course direct to Port Melbourne where a large cruise ship was visible docked.  I cranked up my speed for the finish and landed with a couple of others.

We then waited for others to come in and landed their kites.  Lots of smiles all around.

Five of us then caught a maxi cab back to Gnotuk Ave to get our cars.

28 started, one self rescued (but lost their board) and one was rescued by the Coast Guard.  One kiter on a foil board stopped at Brighton.

Great preparation for the main event - now we watch the wind forecast for next Saturday.



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