Friday, February 20, 2015

Tropical cyclones Marcia and Lam pummel Australia at the same time

Tropical cyclones are not unusual in Australia, but two at the same time are.  This is the first time recorded that we two severe cyclones have occurred at the same time.

Tropical Cyclone Marcia (Category 5) is pummeling the coast near Yeppoon on the central  Queensland coast with winds recorded up to 285km/h, with sustained winds of 205km/h.

Tropical Cyclone Lam (Category 3) knocked out a wind station at Elcho Island late on Thursday, with 150km/h winds the highest recorded at the site. A second station at Milingimbi also halted operations, recording winds at 93km/h at the time.  Wind speeds reached 260km/h at their peak, with sustained winds of 175-185km/h.

A storm surge has reached all parts of the Gulf of Carpentaria, with some areas recording seas more than one metre above the astronomical highs.

Tropical cyclones Lam (top) and Marcia (right).  Source:
TC Marcia. Source: BOM

Both cyclones are expected to cause serious damage.  Communities affected are on emergency alert - hopefully everyone will stay safe.

Needless to say, the winds are far to strong for kitesurfing!

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