Monday, April 25, 2016

Dukhornet - Hjorundfjorden skiing day 2

Dukhornet 1412m 25-04-2016

Second ski day in Hjorundfjorden with Fjord Adventures.

Martin skiing from the summit

We were transported to shore on the skiff then Douglas drove us a short distance up a private road to the snow.

We skied up through dense trees onto snow slopes. During a brief stop Martin pointed out that I was bleeding. I had take some skin off my little finger on my ski edges while fitting the skins and not noticed.  Ronny gave me some tape to bind it up.

Emerging from the trees, we skied up snow slopes with great views to the fjord down the slope. We eventually gained a high ridge then followed it to the flat summit.  We were surrounded by a stunning panorama and the visibility was good.

We scored some excellent powder for the first third of the descent then some breakable crust.  Douglas led us into a small gully with a powder stash then it was a struggle through have snow through tight small trees.

Our Swedish friends Martin and Ronny bombed it with their massive fast sweeping turns.  I loved the off piste powder turns. The slopes were cruisy - good angles but not super steep.

Our chef Emily got the gung ho award today, skiing all the way to the road.  The rest of us took our skis off for the last 200m to avoid the occasional rocks and tight trees.

We got back to the van then drove back to the shore to get to the Gassten, tired but very happy.

Some celebration beers, another lovely dinner and good red wine completed the day nicely.

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