Sunday, April 24, 2016

Skårasalen - Hjorundfjorden skiing day 1

Skårasalen, 1546m 24 April 2016

Our first ski day in Hjorundfjorden with Fjord Adventures

The HMS Gåssten, a refitted Swedish wooden ex-minesweeper, had taken us up the fjord from Alesund yesterday and we spent the night moored at Saebo close to a hotel with a thatched roof.

The naval vessel HMS Gåssten was one of the last wooden Swedish Navy ships ever built and has been beautifully restored with cosy cabins.
Sven drove us up to snow in the van.  We put our skis on and followed a trail up through farm land then on to a steeper climb that led us to a high gully that we then followed to a ridge.

We were passed by several groups of local Norwegians out for a ski.

It was an easy ski up the ridge to the summit where we were rewarded with dramatic views across the Sunnmøre Alps.  Then it was skins off for the descent,

We skied down the ridge then right turn to drop into a steep gorge with some nice powder snow.  The recent fresh snowfall was evident.

It was a dramatic descent down the canyon with the snow getting heavier until we took our skis off and walked along a rough farm track to small harbour where we were picked up Jarred in the dingy.

It was a solid day and a rewarding one.

Skiing down towards the fjord in fresh snow was the highlight,

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Felix said...

Nice pics and great scenary! What is it about skiing down to water that is so alluring!