Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Slogen - Hjorundfjorden skiing day 4 (Topptur)

Slogen. The Giant One. 1564m  27-04-2016

Fourth ski day Hjorundfjorden with great weather, with Fjord Adventures.

Fourth ski day Hjorundfjorden with great weather, with Fjord Adventures.

Another hearty breakfast then a tractor ride up the snow and some lovely green roofed huts.

We skied the long trail/road on right side of valley above frozen lakes, passing the engine of Messerschmitt fighter shot down in World War 2 when the Allies were attempting to bomb a German warship hiding in the fjord.

Slogen, the giant of the fjords, loomed in the distance as our objective.  From our approach it seemed impossible to ski to the summit.

After a lunch in the sun we skied up to join a skin track on a big snow slope then gained a col with views down to the fjord.  Ronny and Martin elected to wait there as we pushed on for the summit.

The ridge got steeper as we climbed. We took our skis up to follow a boot trial for a hundred meters, then put them back on for the next 200m close to the summit.

We left our skis just below the summit and booted up the last 50m.  A spectacular summit, small on the top and very airy with views right down to the fjord and all around.  This is one of my top 10 summits ever.

Douglas skied from the top while Roger and I walked 50m down to our skis to commence our descent. A fall from the top would be fatal.

The snow was heavy up high but much better when we got on slopes with a northerly aspect. More powder!

We met with Martin and Ronnie then continued down loving the snow and the skiing.

A very fast traverse took us to the return trail for a fast run down to meet the van and a cold beer.

This was a big day - I was very tired at the end.

Another swim in the fjord (cold but refreshing) and a barbecue dinner by a roaring fire in a small lakeside lodge/hut topped it off.

Our ski lift

Our chef

Up to the snow, in a trailer behind a local tractor

Shepherds huts, we skied from here

Slogen, our objective to the right. A seemingly impossible ski route

Engine from WW2 Messerchmitt shot down

Approach Slogen, a 9km route

Slogen from below where is the ski route!!!???

Starting the climb, Patchellhytta (huts) in the valley far below

First boot trail up the ridge

Approaching the summit

View from the summit of Slogen

View from the summit of Slogen

View from the summit of Slogen

View from the summit of Slogen

Peter and Roger on the (small) summit of Slogen

Douglas, our Uteguiden guide, on the summit, ready to ski down

Douglas skiing off the summit of Slogen

Douglas skiing off the summit of Slogen

Roger skiing Slogen



Avalanche of Slogen (the side facing the fjord)

Ronny having a dip

A celebratory beer

Oya lodge, our BBQ feast


Martin and Douglas


The BBQ chef

The feast

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