Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blægja - Hjorundfjorden skiing day 3

Blægja, 1304 m  26-04-2016

Third ski day Hjorundfjorden with Fjord Adventures.

Onwards and upwards

We drove up past the old style Union Hotel at øye past the Lygnstøylvatnet small lake that was formed by a rock avalanche that flooded a small village.

We skied off from Fivelstadhaugen. a very small farming village nestling in a pass. I patted a very friendly farm dog.

We skied along trail through a few trees up to snow slopes in cool temperature.

After we gained the snow slopes we climbed at an easy angle to high plateau, then did the short steeper climb to the summit.

The ski descend down the summit pitch was fast. We then turned right to drop back down a fantastic descent back to Hjorundfjorden with deep powder and a nice steep angle.  We skirted around a steep glacier to to continue the descent.  This was the best snow and descent of our entire trip.

Eventually we encountered heavier snow but there was no crust and the tree sking was open.

We crossed the creek and skied down a road to a small dam and hydro station.  The walk down to the fjord through farm land was very scenic.  The Gassten was waiting for us. Jared's skill with the dingy was appreciated when he picked us up from the small jetty with some big swell coming in after a decent wind had sprung up in the fjord.

Douglas, Roger and Ronny on the summit


The Dynamic Duo - Martin and Ronny

Martin - the Big Fella

Ronny - the Cruise Missile

Roger - the Artful Dodger, ready for the walk down

Douglas - Guide Extraordinaire, with a great nose for powder

Your truly, very happy

Our friendly crew - Jared, Emily and Sven 

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