Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kolåstinden - Hjorundfjorden skiing day 5 (Topptur)

Kolåstinden 1432m, the technical one 28-04-2016

Fifth and final ski day Hjorundfjorden with Fjord Adventures.

Our guide Douglas drove us from Saebo in the van up the road to near the DNT Standalhytta (hut).

A large group of Norwegians, mainly young women, was heading off on another route when we arrived.

We skied up following a creek gully then climbed towards a ridge, stopping for lunch on a rock outcrop. It was quite warm in the sun with no breeze.

We then skied to the right of the ridge to over a steep high "notch" pass, with a great view to the summit appearing.

The high traverse was tricky with firm snow with a slippery dusting and a steep skin track.

We reached a flat section below the summit then booted up a steep exposed boot trail to summit. My self arrest grips came in handy near the top.

We got fantastic views from the narrow summit with a 360 degree panorama and the ocean visible in the distance,  Ronny and Roger found the climb and the summit quite exciting!

We then walked back to our skis and headed down.  Douglas scoped out fresh tracks, initially through powder then wetter snow.

The tip for the day was "never point at where not to go, always point at where to go" as people in the distance often can't hear you.

It was a fast run down the trail back to van.

Our last ski mission for this trip and a great way to finish our memorable boat and ski trip to the Sunnmøre Alps around Hjorundfjorden.  The cruise back down the fjord soaking up the sun and views with a beer in hand was very relaxing.

We spent the last night on the boat back in port.  After dinner we headed out for some celebration.  We met Jesse Richman and the La Nuit de la Glisse crew who had been filming around Hjorundfjorden while we were there.  Jesse told us of his exploits kiting from a peak and getting unexpected updraft and going much higher than intended.  He was looking across at the helicopter pilot until he was able to lose some height and get back to the snow!  

Here is the video: 

Martin, Ronny and I then went to Dirty Nellys (Irish pub) for a guiness, then on a mission for more food (baked potatoes and hot dogs) before fetching up in a local pub/club that was full of young boisterous Norwegians with the faces painted blue (possibly a University break up?) before staggering back to the boat for a solid sleep.

All good things must come to an end, but I shall return . . .

The summit is in the distance

Still a way to go - that's the summit

View from summit of Kolåstinden

View from summit of Kolåstinden

View from summit of Kolåstinden

View from summit of Kolåstinden
View from summit of Kolåstinden

View from summit of Kolåstinden looking to the ocean

Me on the summit of Kolåstinden

Ronny down climbing

Where we left our skis, ski descent to the left

Roger on the summit of Kolåstinden

Ronny, Martin, Roger, Peter and Douglas cruising home on the boat
Jesse Richman and me (photo: Martin)

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