Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Kitesurfing Undine Cay, more sun and good wind #555

Session 555. Travelled back to Undine Cay from the Cape Tribulation beach and setup the beach shelter again. Everyone was well covered by sunscreen and clothing. My 0.5mm tropical dive suit provides good protection from the sun but any exposed skin must be covered with sun cream 3 times a day.

A helicopter from Port Douglas was on the Cay when we arrived, an expensive flight at $900 per person. We had a chat to the pilot. The chopper departed after 30 minutes and we had the Cay to ourselves again.

The kitesurfing was superb again. Good wind and well powered on my 12m Airush Union kite. I was glad I had the 12m as it was the only kite I used for the trip.

Another solid day of kitesurfing with good wind, including a kitesurfing armada tour out to the reef edge.  I rigged up a kitecam (after my mount failed) to get some aerial video from the kite.

We got a lot more sun today - exposed skin got burnt despite sun cream. Being well covered was the best solution.

To finish the day I did a fast downwinder back to Cape Tribulation close to the RIB which as a blast. 

The meals and accommodation at Ferntree Rainforest Lodge were again excellent.

On the beach at Cape Tribulation waiting for the transfer to the RIB.

Kitesurfing armada

The edge of the reef, into the blue

Ferntree Rainforest Lodge

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