Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Kitesurfing Undine Cay - a surreal experience on the Great Barrier Reef

Session 554. Kitesurfing at Undine Cay is superb. A small sandy cay on top of a large coral reef in azure water.  We headed direct from Undine Cay from Port Douglas.  Eventually the small sandy island appeared sitting on top of a larger reef.

On arrival we setup the beach shelter then headed out kitesurfing.

Crystal clear water and fish everywhere. The transition to deep blue water is particularly nice. The reef had enough water for fins to be clear of the coral.

We stayed upwind of snorkelers in the water from a tour RIB that comes across from the Daintree.

I saw a reef shark in the shallows.

There was some small waves where the wind swell hits the reef. Everyone had a ball, although Scott got sunburnt legs. You don't notice the sun while kiting but we all copped some sunburn.

We ended up with Cay to ourselves when the day boats departed.

We headed back to the Daintree in the boat for a good meal and sleep at the Ferntree Rainforest Lodge.

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