Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Kitesurfing Undine Cay to Cape Tribulation downwinder #556

Session 556. I was very keen for a downwinder and Brett was happy to provide boat support to get back to Cape Tribulation.

After a quick feast of delicious local prawns I headed off towards Cape Tribulation. The wind was strong direction was good. After a short distance I waited for the RIB then kited next to it. The surface was uneven with some chop.

It was much smoother in the wake of the boat - I was able to crank up the speed and keep up with the boat. 

About 1km off the cape I dropped my kite in clear blue water then Brett manoeuvred to get my board and kite then we headed into the beach.

This fast and scenic downwinder was a highlight of the trip for me and capped off a wonderful day of kitesurfing.

Photo and video credit: Vanessa Carey

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Anonymous said...

Good skills Peter I definitely had the throttle down as it’s clearly the perfect angle for a speed run, look at your average speed next time I’ll have to organise those humpback whales as speed humps to slow you down đź‘Ź