Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kleppstadheia - Lofoten Islands ski day 1

Kleppstadheia 15 Apr 2018.

Our first ski day in the Lofoten Islands. A skier was killed in an avalanche at Sydalsfjellet on 2 April so our guides George and James were careful to select a safe ski route.  The peaks on the Lofoten Islands are close to the sea so as soon as you gain some altitude vistas across mountains, fjords and the ocean appear.

We skinned up a trail through some small birch trees then up a long snow slope topping out on the summit ridge.  I put our names in the log book and we had lunch enjoying the views.  

The ski back down for a first run on good snow that was soft but not too wet, then skinned up a subsidiary peak for more great views.  We skied down again then traversed to get to the route where we ascended through the trees.  There is no ski descent if you try to got directly down, it cliffs out.  

Getting through the trees was challenging in a few places, there seemed to be a lot more trees on the descent!  

My hamstring injury was not a problem, it has healed well.

The skiing here is excellent.  I am looking forward to our further adventures.

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