Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bay city rollers - Albert Park to Williamstown and St Kilda

Session 167, 25 January 2012

Another great sea breeze came in.  I started kiting at about 4:30pm from Albert Park beach.  There was a windsurfer out having fun.  After a short tack I followed him all the way over towards Sandridge Beach.  He went into the beach.

I did a couple of tacks then crossed the channel to Williamstown.  There were no big ships about.  I got a little bit of flat water near the Newport power station, then tacked in towards the Strand, wary of running out of wind.

The wind got a bit fickle so I scooted back across the channel, only to be greeted by a large Toll ANL Bass Strait ship departing from its dock.  Rather than cut across the bow, I tacked a couple of times and crossed behind it, finding a big windshadow in its lee.  I only just kept the kite flying, then got going again as the sea breeze kicked in again.

I did a very long tack to St Kilda and got into the kiddies pool.  From the open bay to Bourke St!  It was quite busy.  After a couple of runs I headed back towards Port Melbourne in search of Stuart and Tarren.  There were some big "Bay city rollers" to cruise down, and enough wind for a few jumps.

I came right into to Port Melbourne beach next to the Spirit of Tasmania and did few runs in the surf before heading back to Albert Park.  I mis judged the distance from the fishermen on the pier and snagged a line.  I stopped and kicked off my board to free it - with an irate fisherman yelling at me.  Lesson: go TWICE as far out as you think you need to when passing fishing lines in the water.

There was a better surf off Albert Park so I did several runs there and found Stuart and Tarren having a ball too.  I stopped after about 2 hours, feeling rather tired, but very happy.

The GPS log worked well, but the Contour Roam camera again malfunctioned - it was turned on in the case then apparently turned off when I went kiting - then back on when I returned.  The magnetic switch seems to be very erratic.  Bugger!  No photos of my tour!  Must double check the record light in future.

Kitesurfing off Albert Park

Stuart and the Spirit of Tasmania

Broken pulley - tangled lines


GPS log

Session stats

Distance:41.46 km
Avg Speed:19.5 km/h
Elevation Gain:4,291 m
Calories:2,045 C
Moving Time:1:51:11
Elapsed Time:2:07:44
Avg Speed:19.5 km/h
Avg Moving Speed:22.4 km/h
Max Speed:33.3 km/h

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