Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 kitesurfing in summary and things to do in 2012

2011 was a great year for kitesurfing.  I logged 40 sessions. It would have been nice to log 40 more though!

I consolidated my skills and feel confident in most wind conditions.  I did my first backroll and boosted my highest jump.

Some highlights have been writing the Kitesurfing Handbook, our trips to Inverloch, some nice downwinder tours and some surprisingly good sessions at Brighton over winter.

My list for 2012:
  • my surf riding has slipped a bit, I will aim to get in more surf sessions
  • Gybe a board 
  • I intend to try the Sector 60 race board for some downwinders
  • I am still contemplating the first powered kiteloop.  Watching some videos of people breaking ribs smacking into the water attempting kiteloops is not too inspiring. 
  • Another trip to Port Douglas in the winter would be great too.
  • My daughter Chloe tells me I want to kitesurf across Bass Straight.  I would like to, but its a serious undertaking.
  • I am keen to finally get a session at Cape Patterson - and possibly do the downwinder from there to Inverloch.  
  • I am also keen to tackle some big downwinders along the 90 mile beach.

All the best for the New Year and your 2012 kitesurfing.


Anonymous said...

RE: First powered kiteloop

I am just starting my first powered loops in 20kts, 9m Rev2. Thought i might share a tip - try the loops first as a transition turn, rather than a fully powered jump kiteloop at speed. Those will spank you if not executed correctly!!
Transition loops are far more easier on the soul if you mess them up.
Good luck!!

Peter Campbell said...

Good tip, thanks. I intend to give the transition loops a go first.