Thursday, January 26, 2012

Handcam shots at Hampton in another glorious sea breeze and a quinella

Session 166, 26 January 2012

Scored a quinella today. I went for a nice fast bike ride with a small bunch from Wheelers Hills to Beach Road, up to Port Melbourne (coffee) then back on along North Road. I am not anywhere near race fit but it was a great ride.

Late in the afternoon I got to Hampton with a glorious sea breeze blowing. Stuart and Tarren were finishing their sessions. I had a chat to Rick then headed out, with the camera mounted on my wrist using the "handstrap mount" - double checking that it was turned on this time - and it was.

The wrist mount and wide angle lens means that you get a lot of the back of my hand in the photos which is not ideal. It needs to be either padded out further or held across the hand for this usage I think, but I did get some interesting shots.

Spotted a large dead barracuda floating in the water too.

I did one big jump where the kite whipped back and I got spanked hard on landing on my right side - very grateful I was wearing my impact vest - without it I may have broken the rib(s) again! No damage done though, and the camera stayed on.

I did a few speed runs close the marina which were nice, and some toeside riding. This was my second session wearing the waist harness again after using the seat harness to rest my ribs. There is still a slight twinge in my rib but its basically OK.

Chatted to Paul on the beach who was heading out on a Sector 60 board. He said he loves it and its the only board he uses now - in all conditions. He said he jibes it by bringing his feet together towards the back of the board - and that this is more stable than the "feet together at the front of the board" technique I have been attempting. I will look into this further.

In summary, nice weather, great stiff sea breeze, not to crowded and beach and other water users (poleys) all happy. Life is good.



Session Stats
  • Duration: 1:08 (5:10pm to 6:20pm)
  • Max speed 36.7 km/h
  • Wind speed: 20 knots


Boris T said...

Sweet pics.

Peter Campbell said...

Thanks Boris. I am still experimenting with the camera setup to get the best pictures. And making sure the camera is turned on. Just got a board mount too . . .