Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good session at Cape Paterson at last

Session 166, 21 January 2012

Staying at Cape Paterson for a short beach holiday with my friend Simon and my daughter Chloe. The wind picked during Friday night and on Saturday morning so I decided to have a go at kitesurfing on the Number 1 beach.

Walking down to the beach, the wind is strong at the top of the dunes, but the speed drops on the beach. I eventually got my Noise 12 in the air, with some assistance launching it, and did a few runs in the surf. There wasn't quite enough wind to get going and out further. I got dragged in by a wave, the line tension dropped and the kite fell out of the sky,

The wind was also south east, which was direct onshore, and made it difficult to get out to sea.

I secured it on the beach and waited a while. Simon showed up and I launched the kite to dry it out, then noticed the wind had picked up. I got out past the surf with the extra power and then cruised up and down, eventually getting out past the Cape for a great view down towards Kilcunda. I was close to much bigger waves there and a bit wary of getting caught, so I headed back for a long run ending at the far end of Undertow Bay.

I then returned to the number 1 beach doing a few cautious jumps and some speed runs, then came in and landed my kite.

Its a great place to kite for the scenery, but it is definitely not forgiving. Most of this coast is a "no drop kite zone" due to waves, reefs and the very rocky coastline.

You also have to keep well clear of swimmers, surfers and the patrolled section of Number 1 beach, But its beautiful, uncrowded (of kites) and the water is superb.

Watching those rocks!



Entering the Twilight Zone

Looking East from #1 Beach

Cape Paterson reef

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Map and GPS log

Session stats

Distance:18.58 km
Avg Speed:9.9 km/h
Elevation Gain:2,899 m
Calories:856 C
Moving Time:1:12:48
Elapsed Time:1:52:34
Avg Speed:9.9 km/h
Avg Moving Speed:15.3 km/h
Max Speed:36.9 km/h

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