Friday, January 06, 2012

Short but sweet at St Kilda

Session 161, 6 January 2012

I got caught up with chores during the afternoon so I made it down to the beach quite late, and was on the water at St Kilda at about 6pm.  There was a good south easterly sea breeze so I headed out past the breakwater, picking my way through the learners with their kites parked at 12 o'clock.

Being late in the day, it was not too crowded.  I got a couple of good runs in out from the breakwater, but there wasn't enough wind to jump.  Then the wind dropped so I headed to the beach and walked back.  It picked up a bit while I waited, so I headed out again and was the only one out apart from the beginners. 

After a couple of more good runs I headed back in and walked back.  Short but sweet

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