Sunday, November 02, 2014

Kitesurfing Inverloch main beach in big surf

Session 293.  Stuart, Tarren and I headed for the beach in the morning - the surf was big.  I headed out on my 9m Lithium and was dunked almost immediately while heading out. I didn't have a chance to get a full breath before I went under to it wasn't pleasant.  The surf was intimidating. I made it out the back (phew) and came in.

I headed down closer to the inlet mouth where another kiter was out, thinking that the deeper channel there would provide an easier passage through the waves.  This was the case, it was easier to cruise out and across the channel then get a nice line back to the beach on some good waves.

The wind picked up occasionally so I depowered the kite.  One big gust got me going fast as I approached a big wave on the way out. I was catapulted to the heavens as if by the Hand of God and came crashing down on my back hard after rotating a few times with the board off.  Ouch!

After about 90 minutes I was feeling really worked so I came in and Will landed my kite for me.  Stuart and Tarren finished about the same time, both really happy with the session.

My GPS battery went flat so there was only a short track log.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Beside the crash - looks liked a fabulous session :)

I'm coming over to Melbourne for X-mas!

Much looking forward to sea breeze sessions

Cheers from Belgium

Peter Campbell said...

Noémie, yes, it was a great session. Lets catch up for some kiting of Christmas. Sea breezes have started already so summer should be good.