Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gusty northerly at Brighton strapless on the Nugget

Session 302. A gusty northerly is always challenging at Brighton. I headed out on Lithium 9 depowered and the North Nugget.

There were quite a few other kiters out and lots of blue blubber jellyfish in the water further out.  I got yanked off my board a few times and found doing a water start tricky at times, but most of the time I made my jybes.

I could ride the bay swell in for a while when further out past the other kiters.  I was wary of ending up in the water among the jellyfish though.

 I think I will fit the footstraps to the Nugget as I think it will become my board of choice for downwinders.

Look at all the jellyfish!

GPS log

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